A Man Paints with His Brains and Not with His Hands – Madan Brothers, The Imperfecto Group

Founders Image ( Naresh Madan Extreme left, Sharad Madan Extreme Right)

Founders Image ( Naresh Madan Extreme left, Sharad Madan Extreme Right)

Inspirational, foresighted and determined, brothers Sharad Madan and Naresh Madan through their ventures created an impactful imprint in the hospitality industry. Spearheading the Imperfecto group and their latest brainchild Khubani, the duo are first-generation business pioneers of the family.

Decade-old and a household name, Imperfecto began with the perseverance of their father Suresh Madan, who laid the bricks of the venture’s first outlet at Hauz Khas village- the first of many.

Under his guidance, his sons Mr Sharad Madan & Mr Naresh Madan turned trailblazers, and now carry forward the legacy of Imperfecto- an umbrella with over 10 restaurants and bars across Delhi NCR.

Khubani marks the passion project of visionaries Sharad and Naresh Madan guaranteeing an escapade into regality and a journey for all senses. Mr Sharad Madan is a B.Com graduate from Delhi University- an artistic, creative persona, always envisioning how to bring to his clientele unique, global experiences. A BBA graduate from Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada, Mr Naresh Madan carries a high sales acumen, laying his focus on driving sales to their projects. With an amalgamation of business and creativity, the two breathe life into Khubani- a never seen Persian bar hand-curated by Imperfecto Designs, a perfect blend of impeccable cocktails, delectable food, an array of skilled chefs and international artists performing entertainment acts.

Their journey is a commendable tale of sleepless nights, hustle and a hunger for success. Building their brand from scratch, sheer vision without an industry background brought them to where they are today. From Mr. Naresh Madan shuffling between outlets ranging from Connaught place, Noida and Cyber hub in a day, Mr. Sharad Madan spent his days in transit from Delhi to Noida- and nights at the outlets studying operations and garnering authentic responses. To both, delivering what the clientele requires takes precedence over all.

No journey is without obstacles; they too survived three national lockdowns amidst the pandemic where like other businesses, theirs too took a hit. Having sailed through the tumultuous waves, they are now riding high on the success of Khubani- forming connections and building a wonderful clientele.

In their leisure time, the brothers enjoy travelling to the hills and listening to music ranging across various genres. They also like exploring restaurants and bars on their escapades- learning new skills on the go.

Often sharing this when asked, their motto for success “A man paints with his brains and not with his hands. If you are not the artist, you can still get things done but you have to be an artist from the brain”

Opening a new outlet called Imperfecto Boutique in Dwarka, the duo has 5 more Imperfecto outlets in the pipeline. By the end of the year, the team seeks to monopolize the capital’s market- and thereafter expand to Mumbai, Pan India and eventually delve into the global market.

The entrepreneurs of the hour, brand driven Mr Sharad and Sales driven Mr. Naresh are the perfect amalgamation to reshape New Delhi’s nightlife and are an inspiration for many.

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