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Mesa, Arizona: After months of development work, the team at End 2 End Results has launched detailed client persona builds which uniquely combine traditional digital marketing tools, advanced SEO practices with quantitative demographic, psychological, personality and neurological research.

The end result is a client persona, aka digital marketing avatar, that provides objective insight into target marketing online and in social media. Testimonials and results speak for themselves on the E2E website.

E2E delivers high-value data alongside digital marketing tools in each persona giving small and medium sized businesses a deeper understanding of customer needs and how to solve for them. Personas create highly actionable insights into what prospective customers are thinking, feeling, and doing at the time they are deciding to purchase. Personas also direct service and product development by creating features that help them achieve their desired outcomes. They help to prioritize which projects, campaigns, and initiatives in which to invest time and resources. Additionally, they create alignment across your organization and rally other teams around a customer-centric vision. And personas are used to explore a new marketing ideas with exceptional depth in order to determine the optimal direction of growth.

E2E personas are currently being successfully used in legal services, financial and investment services and in real estate syndications. The company is poised to grow and is currently taking one new client per week as part of their growth stage development.

Dave Grimm, founder of E2E was recently quoted, “There are typically nine ways that digital marketing, actually most any marketing fails. Not having an in dept understanding of your client is directly related to five of the nine reasons.”

Businesses often pay several thousand per month for digital marketing services, many of which fail to produce ROI and many more that fail to produce consistent results because the client persona is not developed or is underdeveloped. The final stage in the E2E business model is to deliver actionable personas starting at flat rate value ($1000/Avatar) that most any small or medium sized business can afford. Once AI is implemented and rapid scale can be delivered with exacting detail, E2E will adjust the price.

According to Madison Beedy, CEO of Path Technology, “End 2 End Results is fantastic. As a business owner, it is hard to get your Phoenix SEO and website up and running on your own without spending thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours researching how to do it. With Dave and E2E you get all of that information for a low monthly fee. His results are amazing. With his suggestions, I was able to jump from page 12 to page 1 on Google. I also received the competitor report, which completely opened my eyes to competitors I have never heard of that are doing much better online than I am. With E2E I am confident I will be on the top for web searches soon.”

Dave Grimm Bio

I have spent most of my life looking for and creating win-win situations. Prior to End 2 End, I oversaw the lead generation for a private equity syndication firm where I was given the latitude to architect the marketing system of my dreams. The system helped create 60 million in real estate acquisitions and 90 million in value over 4 years. The architecture I developed evolved into the tools that I use today to help business owners increase revenue.

As founder and system architect for End 2 End results, we integrate multiple separate and very powerful automation systems with in-depth database and scientific research. We then validate that data with hands-on interviews creating a very unique perspective on creating revenue.

I believe in win-win business solutions so I built E2E on the concepts of financial alignment. Additionally, someone once told me “you cannot grow it if you cannot track it.” To that end, every system we build has dashboards that tell you at a glance what is going on with your marketing. This level of transparency ensures that we are always growing forward.

In the past 30 years, I have been a loan officer and underwriter (14 years), insurance and financial services producer, sales team top producer, mentor, and entrepreneur.

In my spare time, I facilitate a multi-family investment group investing in real estate and real estate related deals around the country. Starting this fall, I will be the parent of a college student when my daughter heads across the country to start the next chapter of her life. Being a father to an amazing daughter has been more rewarding than any business transaction. I enjoy travel, wood and metal work, grilling, and playing with my rowdy Rhodesian Ridgeback named Remy.

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