Bounce Electric Vehicles cross 5 million kms with 100K battery swaps

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Bengaluru: Bounce, the world’s fastest-growing e-scooter sharing player has reached a significant milestone, crossing 5 million kms on its Electric Vehicle fleet within 15 months. This milestone was achieved with a wide network of Kirana owners, who have enabled over 100K battery swaps. With over 2,000 electric vehicles, Bounce currently owns one of the largest High-Speed EV fleets in the country.

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Bounce has set up battery swapping stations, under its subsidiary Zuink to power the electric transition of its vehicles across Bengaluru, Mysore & Vijaywada. With its low cost, high density swapping infrastructure (powered by AI, IOT and advanced BMS), Zuink is also able to cater to demand from B2B, B2C and other fleet operators. The entire swap process is automated, driven by IoT, ensuring streamlined operations along with superior customer experience. The battery swapping stations are well distributed across the city; a swapping station is available within a 1 -2 kms from wherever the user is riding.

Through EV rides so far, Bounce has saved approximately 1,68,000 kgs of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 2,500 trees. The company aims to address the ever-growing commute requirement in a green, sustainable and climate-friendly manner and is looking at making all its rides carbon neutral by 2022.

Commenting on this milestone, Vivekananda H.R., CEO and Co-Founder, Bounce said, “Earlier it was a question of “if”, but now it is only a question of “when” there will be a complete transition from ICE to EVs in India. While no one can predict when the transition will be complete, it is clear that shared mobility players like Bounce will play a big role in catalysing the transition from ICE to EVs. Shared mobility provides a customer the ability to experience an EV without worrying about ownership of EV. Once the customer is convinced of EV performance, it is highly likely to influence their purchase decision towards EVs. At Bounce, we believe we can shave off 3-5 years in the transition from ICE to EV”

Over 350 Kirana stores across Bengaluru have partnered with Bounce to set up battery swapping stations. Bounce has enabled these local business owners with an additional source of income within their cities and towns. They manage the operations at the station, in addition to their local business.

Bounce currently operates in Bangalore and Tier II markets such as Hassan, Mysore, Vijayawada with over 9000 vehicles. The company has completed over 27 million rides since its launch. Bounce vehicles have moved from being a convenient option for office goers and students to an all-purpose vehicle for everyone, attracting a much wider cross-section of mobility seekers. Besides being affordable and convenient these scooters are much safer than other available options. All bikes are sanitized, following the necessary safety protocols.

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