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Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Web Masters is an IT company having branches in UAE, Singapore, Bahrain, and India. The company specializes in providing retail solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Ari is one of the products developed by Web Masters to provide ease to the retail businesses.

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Retail stores face a hard time communicating with customers manually. About all the retail stores require constant communication with their customers. Whenever there is a new product launch, sales, offers, and important updates, conveying the information to buyers is tiresome, yet necessary. Ari POS, which is a retail POS system, has come up with a solution to this.

Ari POS has a back-office, which is a web-based application where all the POS related configuration takes place. Besides that, there is the point of sale system from where sellers conduct transactions.

Ari has recently introduced Mailchimp software integration, and one can configure it through the back-office. The Mailchimp is a web-based application that has a wide range of functions. Mailchimp allows you to conduct behavioral targeting, find lookalike audience, create digital ads, send bulk targeted emails, and many more attributes related to branding and retargeting.

The Ari-Mailchimp integration will assist Ari customers in transferring the customer data from Ari to Mailchimp directly. With the provided data, the retail shops can retarget the customers by creating customer groups and emailing them. The best of all is, Mailchimp integration and Mailchimp account come for free. You can check more about the Ari-Mailchimp integration here:

“Mailchimp integration will help retail businesses to reduce their retargeting cost and time, and at the same time strengthens the seller-buyer relationship,” says Rahul Doshi, Web Masters Managing Director.

“The customer data is obtained while the transaction takes place through the POS. The real-time synchronization allows Ari POS to transfer the data to Ari Back-Office instantly. You have the option to send the customer data from Ari to Mailchimp in bulk or one by one. It even removes the incorrect email addresses. Also, you can create customer groups as well,” explains Jignesh Joshi, Vice President Technology and Product Design.

The Mailchimp is a proven solution for learning customer behavior and retargeting them with all that they are interested in. Integrating it with Ari will surely harmonize the customer data transfer. It appears to be one successful attempt in making the lives of retail businesses easier, hoping many more in the way.

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