Kunal Khanna-Founder of Vivaldis is the first to treat 12 key therapy areas in companion pets in India

Kunal Khanna

National, July’22: In the last two years the global pet adoption has spiked by 20%. However, most pet parents are struggling to meet their companion pet’s needs which result in financial and emotional losses. This is because there is a massive gap in research and treatments between human and animal healthcare industries. While there are medicines available, most pet parents aren’t even aware of the problems until it is too late. Kunal Khanna, the founder of Vivaldis was the face behind the onset of the largest and the most unique companion pet care services in India. Kunal and his team through a dedication of 7 years discovered 12 key therapy areas in animals that are a
pet parent’s biggest nightmare.

These therapy areas are gut health, cardiology, hepatic care, oncology and even cancer. He paired with 60 pharma brands to treat these therapy areas with in-house developed products. Today, Kunal has established more than 2500 veterinary clinics pan India in over 60 cities in a matter of just 7 years. He bootstrapped his passion project to something more than just a hospital for animals. Vivaldis has in-licensed with 6 major global brands including Bioiberica with whom they launched a number of products for treatment of joints, hair, skin and various other ailments, including hepatic health. They also secured specific nutraceuticals with Rx Vitamins in the USA to treat various disorders related to kidney, liver and cardiac health.

Developing innovations that are effective across a broad landscape is a significant challenge and Khanna has surmounted all hurdles to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the treatments they offer. His focus through this journey has been to constantly develop new formulations and new molecules. He already has a pipeline of products for the next five years that are already in place. His recent foray into the B2C segment with ‘Bark Out Loud’, a range of unique treats, is an extension of his vision to harness opportunities in the pet space. Directed by Devika Khanna, Bark Out Loud co-branded with the Virat Kohli Foundation to produce vegan and hemp products for companion pets.

To grow and thrive within seven years in a fairly niche space is no easy feat. Khanna is not only optimistic but bullish about expanding Vivaldis’ footprint globally and in turn smoothening the route to bringing emerging pharmacological solutions to the market. To that end Mr. Kunal Khanna said, “Our entire team’s focus is to constantly develop new formulations and new molecules catering to the betterment of animal health. We are also aligning a unique line of vegan and hemp products to make healthy treats pleasing to companion pets. The aim is to take Vivaldis global and help companion pets and their parents around the world by dedicating our next 5 years to come up with more formulations that not only treat but also go beyond our 12 key therapy areas”.

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