Surviving the wave – Brands helping working professionals with the latest technology and innovation

Brands helping working professionals with the latest technology and innovation

As we are witnessing a world that is evolving and adapting itself to the disruptions caused by emerging and changing technology even at the workplaces. Although we have slowly started coming out of the lockdown, but most of the organisations are still asking employees to stay at home and work from there. Many companies are also finding smarter ways to boost employee engagement through the use of technology. In order to help the working professional to increase their productivity here are some startups helping them to not only survive but thrive in the current pandemic situation.

Zoom Video Call

Now, we often find ourselves cleaning our room or moving to different corners of the room to attend a video conference meeting as we do not want others to see our mess. To avoid such kind of situations, platforms like Zoom have found a legitimate solution by adding a virtual background feature that allows users to simply change their background with any photo they want


This app will come in handy if you’re having many conference calls. Krisp removes background noise during calls in real time. It can remove noise going from you to other call participants, as well as the noise coming from other participants to you. Both features work at the same time, while you can have your call without thinking about the noise. It works with over 600 conferencing, messaging and streaming apps. All you have to do is switch it on once. The audio processing is done locally on the device, so your audio data stays secure.

Inspo (

Working remotely is even more challenging during COVID-19 with extra stress and added distractions from family members. Employees are lacking inspiration/ideation while working remotely. To overcome the problem, Haikujam founders launched Inspo, a search engine for inspiration designed to enrich creative thinking for freelancers, brands. Working professionals and creative agencies. This first-of-its-kind AI based tool generates thought-starters in a jiffy and surfaces relevant inspiration from across the web on any topic, for content, campaigns, ads, moment marketing, brainstorms, pitching or any other creative project. With better inspiration as an input, the platform endeavours to help people produce higher quality outputs; in short, more inspiration hence more inspired work.


Safejob, is a personalized job readiness, training and placement platform. The platform understands the needs of a job seeker and tailors a personalized plan that makes them ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Developed by some of the best minds from IIT, Cambridge and Stanford, Safejob is on a mission to solve the job readiness and placement challenges faced by the youth of India. The A.I. based platform is designed to understand individual requirements and provide a personalized experience for every candidate.


India’s self-drive mobility platform, Zoomcar, is ensuring that mobility-as-a-service is available for everyone including working professionals. Zoomcar had partnered with various organizations that are considered essential to provide a safe commuting option. Zoomcar aim is to ensure deliver cars in a safe condition to the customer.Also to ensure the safety of customers Zoomcar, collects up to 100 billion data points from its current fleet which will be actively processed to do various predictions. Apart from things like locating the car, knowing the distance travelled and fuel consumed, and providing Key Less Entry to the user, data from IoT also helps do the following by staying behind the screens. Zoomcar will now provide access to its state-of-the-art, proprietary tech stack which focuses on reducing operating costs, enhancing safety, increasing vehicle monetization, and improving customer engagement.

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