Witness darr ka naya address in the Hindi Television Premiere of the ‘The Grudge’, a reboot of the popular horror franchiseonly on&pictures


Ever imagined what would it be like to step into a house that is cursed by a vengeful ghost. Would you dare to go inside it? Well, this Friday the 27th November at 9pm, gather all the courage you got as ab darr Hoga full-on as &pictures will take you on a bone-chilling ride with the Hindi Television Premiere of the 2020 horror flick’s Grudge’.

A reboot of the famous Grudge series known to give goosebumps, this latest instalment showcases how a curse born in Japan is unleased in the US and those who encounter it are met by its violent fate. Directed by Nicolas Pesce, the Grudge unearths the dark and dreadful horrors that lurk behind the shadows. Bringing alive this sinister and spooky story is the ensemble cast starring Andrea Riseborough, John Chu, Betty Gilpin, Demian Bichir, Lin Shaye and Jacki Weaver in pivotal roles.

The latest chapter of the Grudge revolves around a gruesome murder that takes place in the US where a young housewife, upon her return from Japan, kills her family members and herself. This incident kickstarts a series of ghastly occurrences in the neighbourhood where a vengeful spirit dooms those who enter the haunted house. With detective Muldoon investigating this case, she begins to encounter increasingly odd circumstances and soon realizes she must defend her son and herself from the demonic forces.

There will be secrets, there will be screams and many nail-biting moments, so get ready to witness the twisted new chapter of The Grudge this Friday 27th November at 9 pm only on &pictures!

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