Fitness Consultancy: Rising demand for fitness experts in post-Covid – 19

Fitness Consultancy: Rising demand for fitness experts in post-Covid - 19

Whether its weight loss or body-toning for men and women, the demand for fitness professionals is all set to increase exponentially. With gymnasia and health clubs mushrooming all over the country and physical fitness becoming an obsession with a growing number of middle-class urbanites, the demand for qualified aerobic instructors, gym managers and personal trainers are exploding. Suddenly new career-building opportunities in physical fitness and related businesses are rapidly multiplying in post-Covid -19 era.

As technology improves business productivity and reduces manual labour, it also reduces physical activity. With the emergence of computers, globally networked cell phones and artificial intelligence, the casualty could be the most superior machine of them all — the human body.

A fitness consultant is an individual who is well-versed with the human anatomy and different aspects of muscle strength and tone. A professional fitness consultant (FC) or trainer must assess his clients and design appropriate fitness programmes for them. This is a complex task because a consultant may have to deal with children, adults, or senior citizens and design exercise programmes for them both from aerobics and weight training points of view, dietary guidelines inclusive. Periodic follow-ups with clients, establishing communication lines and long-term adherence to exercise is the reward of an FC or trainer.

Praveshh Gaur is one such name familiar to many sports players, celebs and commoners of Delhi-NCR for his exceptional contribution to the industry in a short span of time. From donning several hats between management professional, health enthusiast, fitness entrepreneur Praveshh is too determined to change the fitness game in India. A firm believer in the Latin phrase “Menssana in corporesano” which translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, Praveshh started the Fast Fit Academy in 2015.

Given the scarcity of formal study programmes in this field, the Fast Fit Academy offers diploma programmes for physical trainers at its academies in Faridabad & New Delhi. The academy conducts theory as well as practical exams. After being certified in India, trainers have the option of being certified by the American Council of Exercise (ACE). ACE regularly stages examinations for which candidates can register on their website. ACE is one of the most respected international bodies in the field of exercise and physical fitness. The exam is conducted on the same day in countries around the world. Following certification by ACE, opportunities to work abroad open up as well.

With the number of jobs in this field growing at a faster pace than personnel availability, you don’t need to look for a job; while doing a fitness certification course you’ll probably be offered employment. A certified floor trainer starts off with a pay package of Rs.10,000 per month rising to Rs. 15,000 with experience. Depending on the number and social profile of clients and their time schedules, personal trainers can easily earn between Rs.15,000–20,000 a month. With additional certification and specific job profiles, monetary rewards get better. International certifications may fetch a job abroad where possibilities for fitness trainers are infinite. If you work in this field for even a year and develop a good network with other professionals in related fields, you may be soon ready to start your own gym. Besides being a personal trainer there are other options like diversifying into the manufacturing of fitness equipment.

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