Special Mega Health camp organised to raise awareness during winters

live a healthy life.

With the increasing trend of lifestyle-related ailments among the younger population, the onset of winters also triggers various health complications among the geriatric population. In order to raise awareness among the masses and guide them for healthy living, Fortis Hospital Noida organised a free mega health check-up camp in association with Digamber Jain Samaj at Bulandshahr today.

The free health check-up camp was held at Bagh Mandir, Dataram chowk Khurja, where the local residents were tested for blood glucose levels and Bone Mineral Density and were provided with free consultations.

“Our main aim is to educate people on how to live a healthy life. If people are aware of the symptoms of a disease and realize the importance of early detection, half the battle is won. Joint pain and knee problems are very common amongst Indians and the most worrying aspect is our ignorance towards musculoskeletal problems. These problems are correlated with other health aspects such as body weight, lowered calcium intake, bone density, etc and the incidents can be checked or delayed with early detection and lifestyle modifications. The need of the hour is to identify the cause of such conditions and work towards offering holistic solutions for long term healing and recovery.” Said Dr. Atul Mishra.

“With the onset of winters, we see a significant rise in the number of bone-related ailments. People have difficulty walking, they are uncomfortable and stiff, they’re lower back and joints are in pain. This is especially true among the geriatric population. They need to be kept warm and given supplements of vitamin D, C and Calcium after consulting with their doctor. It is imperative to educate the elderly about how they can tackle the winters effectively and easily. Our purpose to organize this camp was to create awareness and provide free medical services and educate people on the importance of health and healthy lifestyle.” He added

Through this camp, we spread awareness about arthritis and neglected trauma issues in Orthopaedics patients. Arthritis patients need to be aware of the excellent and long-lasting results after knee replacement surgery with Navigation/Robotic assistance.

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