Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow performs pediatric cystoscope and saves life of 13-year-old boy

Dr. Sidharth

Regency Superspeciality Hospital Lucknow, known for performing a multitude of advanced renal procedures, added a new feather in its cap by performing a successful minimally invasive surgery for the removal of bladder stone and correction of an anomaly with help of pediatric cystoscope and 100-watt Holmium Laser of a 13-year-old boy Master Aman Giri. A team of doctors led by Dr Siddharth Singh, M. Ch -Urology, Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow showed their extraordinary skills and took immediate steps in treating the critically-ill child despite the various challenges of the coronavirus pandemic here.

The patient upon his hospitalization was immediately sent to the operation theatre due to the sensitivity of the condition. Dr Siddharth Singh, M. Ch -Urology, Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow explained that the recommended procedure aims to provide patients with a safe and effective way to remove the bladder stone. He further explained that cystoscopy is a procedure a doctor uses to look at the inside of the bladder and urethra, the tube that connects the bladder to the outside of the body.

The complicated and highly specialized procedure took almost an hour to complete yet represented Regency Superspecialty Hospital’s high quality medical and surgical services. After the surgery, the patient was moved to his room in the same day and was recommended for discharge just after a day. Aman is now fully recovered.

“It is an uncommon anomaly which leads to elevated urinary bladder pressure and ultimately stone formation. If not treated properly on time it might have led to recurrent stone formation, infection and even kidney damage. After final diagnosis with help of imaging like DTPA scan, CT scan, and other tests, patient underwent LASER CLT and LASER BNI with the help of pediatric cystoscope and 100-watt Holmium LASER uneventfully without any complication. Our special thanks go out to the assisting OT Team, whose enthusiasm and professional attitude served as a major factor to the success of the surgery. Right now, the patient has been discharged and is now headed to recovery,” said Dr Siddharth Singh, M. Ch -Urology, Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow.

In UP, the only a handful of hospitals have advanced technology to perform this procedure and Regency Superspecialty Hospital is one of them. With the advancement of imaging, surgical techniques and instruments like pediatric cystoscopes and LASER such diseases can be diagnosed properly and can be dealt with minimally invasive manners even in pediatric patients.

“In this case, patient had postoperative minimal pain with minimal surgical incision and less hospital stay. He got back to his routine life within a few days. The success of the first-time surgery reflects our hospital’s commitment to providing world-class medical services, which will always go hand in hand with our increasing numbers,” added Dr Siddharth Singh, M. Ch -Urology, Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow.

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