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mental heaalth

Dr Jalpa P. Bhuta, Consultant Psychiatrist, Global, Hinduja Khar and Surya Hospitals & a Patron of SeekMed.

It is unfortunate that the stigma of approaching a mental health professional still exists. Having a mental illness is similar to akin to being diseased and hidden from others. Family members go to great lengths to keep it hidden. They would rather go to faith healers or Godmen, rather than being seen going to a psychiatrist. 

Presently anyone who is a life coach, call themselves as counsellors and start consulting people. This is a dangerous trend. Mild mental illness can be helped by talking treatments,  motivational coaches, spiritual gurus. However moderate and severe mental illnesses would need medications given by a qualified psychiatrist with adequate supervision and regular follow up. Unless people recognize this fact, it is doomsday for all.

There should be more awareness created amongst people. Government-backed campaigns should be mandatory.  De-stigmatization is a necessity which the media should promote. We all need a mentally healthy and happy Society. “



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