‘Build Instagram Clone in 5-days’ with an online workshop by Hoping Minds

New Delhi- 28th August 2022: Ed-tech evangelist, Hoping Minds, has announced its online workshop to train students to ‘Build Instagram clone in just 5 days’ with React and Node.js. The online workshop is scheduled to commence on August 29th and end on September 2nd.

The workshop, with limited seats, will cover topics such as building a backend API with Node.Js & Express; Testing API using Postman; JWT based authentication; Image upload; Context API for state management; React hooks; React router hooks; Protecting routes or endpoints; Sending emails, and Forgot and reset password.


“To acquire new skills and also upgrade existing skills, Hoping Minds is hosting this online workshop on technical skills and development that is accessible to all,” the statement further said. We at Hoping Minds believe in providing quality education to our users and with its team of experienced educators, we at Hoping Minds want to reach out to as many people as we can, and these workshops are a way to ensure that we connect with the right audience and help them in their journey of choosing a career and realising their potential, “Mr. Ishan Kapoor, Co-Founder, Hoping Minds said.

Hoping Minds is an EdTech start-up transforming the educational system into an outcome-driven system by helping students identify and get into high-growth career paths.

It is the brainchild of its founders, who have prestigious IIM and IIT backgrounds, extensive training and placement experience, and an ambitious vision. They are driven young entrepreneurs who see a gap between industry requirements and traditional education system/placement patterns.

Hoping Minds helps students who have completed their graduation but are unable to get a job; or are in a slow-growth role and are looking to get into a high-growth tech career. Furthermore, this is done on a ZERO upfront fee-income share model, in which Hoping Minds invests in its students and only receives a return if they are placed at a package of more than 5LPA. Thus, supporting students that are not willing or able to take on the financial burden of a specialised course but have the passion and ambition to learn and excel.

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