Six-day intensive workshop on ‘Traditional & Scientific Vastu’ for construction professionals!

Six-day intensive workshop on ‘Traditional & Scientific Vastu’ for construction professionals!

Hyderabad: Veeramaneni Institute of Vastu Sciences (VIVS)- an Institute for Indian Traditional Architecture (IITA), is conducting a six-day intensive workshop – ‘Traditional & Scientific Vastu – Basics to Advance’, at The Plaza, Begumpet, in March 2021. The Course will be both Residential & Non-Residential and imparted in both English and Telugu. The Telugu workshop is from 19th to 24th February 2021 and the English workshop will be held from 5th to 10th March 2021. Vastu is the Indian Traditional Architecture, which aims to establishes perfect harmony between people and nature.

Renowned Vastu Consultant and Astrologer, Vastu Acharya Dr V R Veeramaneni, will impart hands on exposure and share his in-depth insights on Vastu through an interactive training for Construction professionals including Architects, Builders, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Interior Designers and Project managers, besides Astrologers and Vastu Consultants, interested to update their knowledge.

The Workshop will focus on the basics of Vastu, how to balance the five elements; its influence on homes/ businesses/ Industries; applying Vastu without resorting to physical destruction; Science behind Vastu Directions and Zones; Preparing building plans as per Vastu; Knowledge of Colours / Images / Activities as per Vastu; besides discussions & practical sessions.

‘Scientific Vastu’ workshop will enable the delegates to master the basics of Vastu and aid them to incorporate the principles of Vastu in their projects. This in turn will endear their projects to the prospective clients, says Dr V R Veeramaneni. Three decades of Research on Vastu at Veeramaneni Institute of Vastu Sciences and twenty years of practical experience coupled with Ph.D., in Vastu, will all be available in a nutshell for the participants, he adds.

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